Independent Lifestyles was founded in June 2002, and opened for business on July 1, 2002. Since then we have continued to expand and grow at a great pace. After opening, we recognized the need in the community for a broader approach to the market, so I started a rental fleet of vehicles. We offer 15-passenger and 12-passenger vans, cargo vans, trucks, cars, vans, handicap accessible vans, larger conversion vans, along with scooters, Powerchairs, ramps, elevators, many other accessible devices and equipment. We rent most of our items and sell all of them. Counting all of our equipment, But that’s not all we do…

In 2004, we purchased a franchise called Wheelchair Getaways of Virginia. WCG of Virginia is part of a nationwide referral service for rental of handicap transportation needs. We get clients from all over the world to reserve and rent our vans at airports, bus stations, and train stations throughout the area. Our drivers will deliver almost anywhere. They wait for the renter to get familiar with the equipment, tie-downs, and the proper way to secure people and equipment in the van.

In 2007, we opened a Satellite office in Norfolk, VA for Wheelchair Getaways of Virginia. We now cover the entire state with rental opportunities that serve Norfolk International Airport, Dulles International, Richmond International Airport, and many of the other local and regional airports. Along with bus lines, train stations and other means of transportation, our vans compliment the vacationer, travelers and mourners as they journey into and around our area. We can now effectively serve the eastern half of North Carolina and the Western parts of Maryland as well as all of Tidewater Virginia.

If that were not enough, we have created a website, www.ilifestyles.net that shows our entire inventory and will link customers to all sorts of resources as well. We use CarFax to help track car history and several sources for financing. Our clients sometimes need up to 10 years to pay for equipment and we can help arrange that for them. We provide opportunity for people to be independent and enjoy things that most people take for granted.

Carrie Weeks has established herself as a leader in this industry. She is respected throughout the nation as a reliable, dependable and trustworthy business owner that will go the extra mile for her clients. She is the owner and main stockholder in Independent Lifestyles and she is the final decision maker. Her talents are numerous and extensive. She has been working with limited mobility individuals most of her life and has been in business for over twenty years serving the public. She and her daughter make their home in Elon.

Scott Weeks joined Independent Lifestyles in April 2012. Scott is learning all aspects of the mobility industry from service to sales. Scott and his wife Dana recently moved back in the area and now reside in Buena Vista, VA. Scott has two children, and two grandchildren. Spending time with Cole and Jaelyn is his favorite pastime. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and camping.

Last, but not least is the entire staff of the dozens of corporations that we use throughout the nation to help us serve you. We rely on their expertise and new and innovative products in the mobility business. We call them routinely on your behalf to solve issues with vans, scooters, power chairs, stairlifts, and other equipment. They work hand in hand with us to help keep you on the go.

We contract a large staff of drivers and maintenance personnel to pick up and deliver vehicles for repair, rental or sold units all across the Mid-Atlantic.