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Category : Ramps

Manufacturer : Prarie View Industries

Item Number: Single Fold Ramp

Item: Singlefold Ramps

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Item: Singlefold Ramps
Manufacturer: Prarie View Industries
We have all different sizes and types of ramps available. If you are unsure what size will fit you better, please feel free to give us a call as there are certain ADA requirements for ramp lenghts.

PVI Singlefold Ramps

Ramp Length Ramp Width Weight Capacity Ramp Weight
2-Foot 30" 600 lbs 10 lbs
3-Foot 30" 600 lbs 15 lbs
4-Foot 30" 600 lbs 20 lbs
5-Foot 30" 600 lbs 24 lbs
6-Foot 30" 600 lbs 28 lbs