Category : Home Products

Manufacturer : Standers

Item Number: 0013

Item: Handybar & Swivel Seat

Item: Handybar & Swivel Seat
Year: Standers
The Automobility Solution Combo Pack from Stander combines two great vehicle accessories into one useful package. With the help of the Stander HandyBar and the Auto Swivel Seat Cushion aiding you, getting in and out of the car has never been so easy! This two-in-one combo pack is the perfect solution for traveling cross country or running to the grocery store. *Promotes safety and mobility-protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy *Universal-secure fit into passenger or driver side of door latch, no vehicle modification required *No-slip ergonomic grip-fits perpendicular to car for a snug grip and optimal leverage *Soft, flexible swiveling car cushion rotates 360 degrees