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$Roll-A-Ramp Roll-A-Ramp

Price: $695.00

Roll-A-Ramp Flexible and versitile may be used as a home or vehicle ramp.Rolls up so you can store in the trunk of a car.Only weights 45 Lbs.7ft in lengh 30inches wide.Call 800-657-5438 For Sale or Rent!

$Prarie View Industries Singlefold Ramps

We have all different sizes and types of ramps available. If you are unsure what size will fit you better, please feel free to give us a call as there are certain ADA requirements for ramp lenghts.

PVI Singlefold Ramps

Ramp LengthRamp Width Weight Capacity Ramp Weight
2-Foot30"600 lbs10 lbs
3-Foot 30"600 lbs15 lbs
4-Foot30"600 lbs20 lbs
5-Foot30"600 lbs24 lbs
6-Foot30"600 lbs28 lbs

$Prarie View Industries Multifold Ramps

The PVI Multifold Ramps are durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. It can be disassembled into two parts, making it easier to handle and can be carried like a suitcase. It features a closure strap that locks the ramp panels together. To see if a multifold ramp is for you, call our specialists today! Prices Vary

PVI Multifold Ramps

Ramp LengthRamp Width Weight Capacity Ramp Weight
5-Foot30"600 lbs30 lbs
6-Foot 30"600 lbs35 lbs
7-Foot30"600 lbs39 lbs
8-Foot30"600 lbs52 lbs
10-Foot30"500 lbs63 lbs
12-Foot30"500 lbs73 lbs

$Prarie View Industries Self-Supporting Threshold

The PVI Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps are designed for doorways that swing out, and have an anti slip surface.

PVI Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps

Ramp LengthRamp Width Ramp Height Weight Capacity Ramp Weight
16"36"1.5" Rise600 lbs8 lbs
24" 36"2" Rise600 lbs12 lbs
24" 36"2.5" Rise600 lbs12 lbs
24" 36"3" Rise600 lbs12 lbs

$Prarie View Industries Rubber Thresholds

The PVI Rubber Threshold Ramps are made of 100% recyled rubber, and has no weight limitations. It is very simple and easy to install, and has been designed and tested for maximum slip resistance.

PVI Rubber Threshold Ramps

Ramp LengthRamp Width Usable Ramp Width Ramp Height Ramp Weight
8 1/8"42"36 1/4" 7/8" Rise9 lbs
12 1/4" 42"36 1/4" 1 1/4" Rise17 lbs
18 1/8" 50"41" 1 3/4"36 lbs
24" 60"50"2" Rise62 lbs

$Prarie View Industries  Solid Ramp

The PVI Solid Ramp's provide excellent stability because of the full platform. It is very durable, and has a high-traction surface.

PVI Solid Ramps

Ramp Size (Length x Width) Ramp Weight Ramp Weight Capacity
3' x 30"15 lbs600 lbs
3' x 36"18 lbs600 lbs
4' x 30"20 lbs600 lbs
4' x 36"23 lbs600 lbs
5' x 30"25 lbs600 lbs
3' x 36"30 lbs600 lbs