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Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Daily Rate (1-6 days): $150.00 plus tax
Weekly Rate (7-29 days): $130.00 plus tax
Monthly Rate (30+ days): $110.00 plus tax
Weekend Special (Friday 2pm - Monday 9am): $300.00 plus tax

Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental Requirements

In order to rent a wheelchair accessible van from Independent Lifestyles you must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver's license, have a major credit or debit card, and have current comprehensive and collision automobile insurance. The standard daily rental rate is $150 a day. There is a damage waiver for the vehicle with a $250 deductible available for $15.95 a day.

In addition, the following information will be needed or required during your wheelchair van rental booking as applicable:

  • Requested pick-up and return dates and times.
  • Destination
  • Insurance information
  • Pick-up location or alternative pick-up & delivery location if delivery service being requested (additional fees apply)
  • Deposit
  • Payment in-full is due at time of delivery or pick-up.

*All rentals are for 24 hours, on the weekends and holidays there is a 48-hour minimum.

Mileage Allowance:

There are 125 free miles a day included in your rental. Additional miles used are billed at $.35 per mile.

Fuel & Cleaning:

All wheelchair accessible van rentals are non-smoking units, and they are delivered with a full tank of gas. If a wheelchair van rental is returned with less than a full tank of gas you will be charged at $5.95 a gallon.

A $100 clean-up charge will also apply to any wheelchair van rental returned in poor sanitary condition or those which have been smoked inside.

Deposit & Cancellation:

There is a $100 deposit on credit cards and a $200 deposit on debit cards required at time of booking your wheelchair van rental. Deposit is refunded in full when the rental is returned if there is no balance for fuel or miles travelled over the allotted amount, if there is you will be refunded less the difference. Full refunds are provided if cancellation notice is given 48 hours prior to reservation.

For wheelchair van rental cancellation notices less than the required 48 hours full deposit will be held.

Delivery & Pickup:

Convenient wheelchair van rental delivery & pickup services are available. Are you flying in & out of town? We can arrange to meet you at the local airport or even meet you at your hotel.

All vehicles are NO SMOKING!

All equipment rentals require a $50 deposit. If reservation is not cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled rental time, the deposit will be held.

Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Daily: $40 Weekend: $110 Weekly: $200.00 Monthly: $400

Manual Wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, walkers, and knee walkers

Daily: $20 Weekend: $50 Weekly: $75 Monthly: $125

Suitcase Ramps

Up to 6ft
Daily: $20 Weekend $50 Weekly $75 Monthly: $100
Over 6ft
Daily: $30 Weekend: $75 Weekly: $100 Monthly $150

Ramp Systems (Installation and Evaluation required)*

Weekly: $8.00 per foot of ramp plus $1.75 per foot of railing (x2)
Monthly: $16.00 per foot of ramp plus $3.50 per foot of railing (x2)

Trus-T-Lift (VPL)*

  • Daily: $175 Weekly: $350 Monthly: $700
  • *Installation is not included in above priced ($200 min)